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UP TO $22,000 PER MONTH…for treating new patients we send you.

ChiropractorHi. I'm Dr. Frank Liberti founder of Spinal Aid Centers of America. We are the #2 Rated Medical Service Franchise in the world and expanding. Internet reports reveal that SPINAL AID treats over three (3,000) thousand new patients daily and we are now recruiting qualified Chiropractors to assist us to treat the 100+ million chronic back pain sufferers we available, and participate in our revenue sharing program.

Utilizing our success and experience, we have created a strategic growth & development plan to accommodate servicing even more patients and increase our rating in the TOP 500 Ranked Franchises by partnering in a revenue sharing program with Chiropractors (YOU) as we;

bullet Place our Spinal Aid decompression table & Franchise in your office
bullet Send you new decompression patients monthly for you to treat on our table
bullet Exchange with you in a revenue share… with assurances.

The average revenue share to you lies within a range from 12K to 22k per month.

We created The Spinal Aid “Equity & Revenue Sharing Program”, for Chiropractic entrepreneurs who appreciate the value of having a Spinal Aid decompression Franchise partner equally sharing the risk and revenues with assurance.

Assurance #1: …We get paid from the patients we send you and we don’t get paid until you do.

Internet report from Startupbizhub.com reveals:

bullet With a 5 year proven historical database, their (Spinal Aid) offices treat over 3,000 patients a day all over the country.


We take care of all the marketing activities and we send the patients – that’s what we do! Statistics don’t lie. We already provide new decompression patients and will accept full (sole) responsibility for providing you - our Chiropractor partner - with consistent new decompression patients if you accept the responsibility of rendering the decompression services. Our revenue is derived from table usage based on the number of (new) patients treated and we are motivated to help lots of chronic back pain sufferers. This program is affordable to all, doesn’t require extraordinary attention and won’t take you away from your regular practice.

We are motivated. We don’t get paid if you don’t – you have little to no risk in this regard.

144K - 250k+ Annual Net


Startupbizub.com published:

QUOTE: Spinal Aid Centers of America has always been included in the Top Five Hundred lists of Franchise businesses in several surveys, and they keep adding more. They constantly receive awards and citations proving that there is an increasing demand in the Spinal Aid Franchise business. By opening your Spinal Aid Franchise in your area, you are not just making an income but you are also offering relief to those who suffer different types of back pains. Spinal Aid Centers of America uses state of the art equipment like the DRX 9000 and Z-Grav Tables that helps patients heal faster and get back to their daily lives. Most of their clinics offer two tables which allow them to get started on the way to relieve the pain sooner for their customers.  In this kind of business venture you are making a living from helping others. Both you and your customers (patients) will benefit in a Spinal Aid Franchise.

Franchise Mall wrote:
Spinal Aid Centers of America is one of the nation’s leading medical Franchise systems.

With a single mission of providing a safe and effective alternative treatment to chronic back pain sufferers, Spinal Aid has been meeting the consumer demands for severe back pain relief nationwide, reports treating over three (3,000) decompression patients monthly and has become one of the fastest growing (ranked 91st) franchises of the millennium. Recognized with distinction, Spinal Aid was rated the #2 Medical Service Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, 2008.

The Franchise growth plan, created by CEO and founder, Dr. Frank Liberti, has given birth to the highly acclaimed “Equity & Revenue Sharing Program” consisting of partnering with Chiropractors so both share in income (revenue) streams as opposed to the company’s initial phase of out right Franchise sales which did not involve revenue sharing. With over 150 locations nationwide, Spinal Aid is capitalizing on its proven system and using its experience and cash reserves to now enter into Equity & Revenue Sharing partnerships with Chiropractors. Both Spinal Aid and their Equity Partners share in the income stream associated with the decompression services and the assurances make it one of the safest operations in the “back care” industry.

IFranchise Net wrote:
Spinal Aid Centers of America Franchise is one of the fastest growing Franchise opportunities that are out there today.  With a Spinal Aid Centers of America Franchise you will not only be creating a new career for yourself but you will also be helping thousands of people every day.

Spinal Aid has created its Equity & Revenue Sharing program which FREES doctors from hostile health care reforms and allows them to create a sub-specialty decompression CASH practice and maintain independent business operations while receiving ongoing “partner” support from the parent Franchise.


It’s plain talk, straightforward and nothing is hidden. There’s no substitute for honesty. Today’s “entrepreneur minded” Chiropractor welcomes a new way to do business and nothing in this industry has received the accolades of the Spinal Aid decompression Franchise. With historical proven success, the parent Franchisor is now partnering to insure success as they assume sole responsibility for providing the patients and only receive income based on the use of the machine driven by new patients.

This is for the Chiropractor who wants a new way to do business with a new service that allows him to be free from; increased overhead, declines in new patients and maintain practicing his art without outside interference or worrying about future business development.

Spinal Aid seeks partners who will welcome the Franchise and decompression machine and render care on a fee per patient basis. Our partners recognize the opportunity of being in a program that allows them to practice the way they want to, while enjoying adding this new way to do business with a decompression “Center Of Excellence” built within their practice that runs itself. Most importantly, they understand the demands of consumers and will embrace the non surgical non drug treatment of chronic back pain.

Spinal Aid is the recipient of the Top 100 Reader’s Choice Award as voted by a professional peer committee.


Spinal Aid provides a powerful earnings source with each partner sharing in average revenues ranging between $12,000 per month PER PARTNER for just the decompression services alone. An additional $10,000+ can be added separately to the Chiropractor partner’s revenue stream - up to $22,000+ per month which is not shared with us and is billable to insurance in the form of core strengthening after-care.


It’s straightforward
  1. You’re interested, complete the data section on this web site and submit

  2. You will then be contacted to set up a brief orientation process via phone so you fully understand the Equity & Revenue Sharing Program. [We don’t get in your way and this won’t take you away from your practice of chiropractic].

  3. You make the informed decision that the Equity & Revenue Sharing Program aligns with your goals.

  4. Partnership paperwork is sent to you for your review and acceptance.

  5. Arrangements are made to deliver & install the Spinal Aid Franchise and proprietary material, decompression machine, merchandise, trade dress and start up inventory in your office while you (the Chiropractor) and your staff are trained in your office, as you are prepared to accept your first group of new decompression patients. [This does not require extraordinary attention. The Franchise system and machine is easy to use].

  6. Spinal Aid initiates its “start-up battle plan”, buys and places the initial marketing and begins to send new decompression patients on a consistent monthly basis.

  7. You are able to run your practice without outside interference, fulfill your practice purpose and add a new service that is drug free utilizing the non-surgical decompression machine.

  8. Revenues are shared (see Item 19 below).

Key Advantages of the Spinal Aid Equity & Revenue Sharing Program

      bullet Spinal Aid Equity & Revenue Sharing Program features “turn-key” system
      bullet Doesn’t require extraordinary attention 
      bullet Spinal Aid is solely responsible for providing new decompression patients
      bullet Spinal Aid handles new patients’ phone calls at National Call Center
      bullet More empathy for Chiropractors situation(s) of increasing overhead while declining new patients in a hostile health care environment
      bullet Ability to run your practice without outside interference
      bullet Simple use of machine without pushing paper, not bothered or distracted
      bullet More empathy for Chiropractors situation(s) of increasing overhead while declining new patients in a hostile health care environment
      bullet Ability to run your practice without outside interference
      bullet Simple use of machine without pushing paper, not bothered or distracted
      bullet Spinal Aid provides Quality Control of systems including any necessary additional assistance
      bullet Recession proof (high consumer demand service)
      bullet Spinal Aid coordinates accounting, audits, disbursements and fee processing
      bullet Virtually no competition
      bullet Spinal Aid franchise operates status quo with revenues equally shared


The Board of Directors seeks only to engage up to five (5) new equity & revenue sharing partners each month in select locations nationally.


Comprehensive training and ongoing support to Chiropractors and staff:

Startupbizhub.com says;

This allows them to be the leader in advancement regarding treatment of providing therapy for the neck and lower back over the last three years.


      bullet In office training upon equipment delivery
      bullet Doesn’t require extraordinary attention 
      bullet Business management software
      bullet Corporate on site Franchise training facility
      bullet Live training seminars for all Franchises
      bullet Ability to run your practice without outside interference
      bullet Bi-monthly Webinars
      bullet On-line video tutorials
      bullet Quality Control representatives


Cost is half shared by Spinal Aid and half shared by partner, with Spinal Aid able to provide financial outlay assistance on behalf of the partner to be repaid by partner on a monthly basis, approximately at the rate of one patient per month payback. The cost to start is now “shared” enabling the affordable creation of a partnership. The Chiropractor provides the decompression service while Spinal Aid provides the patients.

Decompression Machine


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